What Does God Have to Say About the Transgender Debate?

Yes, I’ve been reading some more . . . and this was a very good read, as well as so very pertinent for our world today.  I would recommend this book titled “God and the Transgender Debate” written by Andrew T. Walker.  As a Christian, we should always be ready to listen to what is said in God’s Word ~ the Holy Bible.  His Word has been ~ and always will be ~ the final authority in my heart and life.  Sadly ~ we have seen such a rapid decline in Western culture over my own lifetime, the span of nearly 60 years.  To be rather blunt and to the point, Christianity’s cultural influence is dying right before our eyes.

It’s very sad to see the speed with which our country is going into moral decay.  Of course, a country is only going to follow the lead of the “home” or the “family” unit.  God and the Bible have become less important to people ~ so much so that the Christian ways of understanding the world are viewed as optional, irrelevant, or hateful and bigoted.  With the removal of Christian moral values, the change in direction of our country’s “moral compass” has drastically changed over just a few short years.  My own life has been mainly in Christian circles ~ and during the last ten (10) years, there have been such severe and devastating cultural changes in society.  Not just “sin” . . . what is going on now is called “ungodly”.   The most heartbreaking thing about today is that there are very few Christians who are willing to stand up for what is right . . . to make their voice heard . . . Instead, they just wanna “get along” with everybody . . . they don’t wanna make anyone mad at them . . . and ~ heaven forbid ~ they speak out about anything that might possibly have an impact on someone’s life.  If you have read any of my blog posts, then you are aware that I am “one” Christian that is not gonna keep my mouth shut about sin.

With the combination of the sexual revolution in the 1960’s and Gnosticism, we saw the beginning of what we have today.  The main idea of the sexual revolution was quite simple – “if it feels good, do it.”  The moral outcome from that ideology led to prolific premarital sex and even farther – to abortion (murder of baby human beings) becoming legal.

Gnosticism ~ I had to look that one up.  It says there is an inherent tension between our true selves and the bodies we inhabit.  The idea that our true self is different from the body we live in communicates that our body is something less than us, and can be used, shaped, and changed to match how we feel.  To me ~ that definition sounds very much like what a Transgender person would say . . .

I hadn’t thought about the “glaring” example of how quickly our society is changing.  The author of this book actually used one of the cutest ideas that I’ve ever seen . . . Parents that are expecting a baby have been seen having what is called a “Gender Reveal Party”.  Some that I have personally seen pictures of on Facebook, have just been so adorable!!  This author brings to our attention some very important information, and I hadn’t thought about it but this man is absolutely correct.  A Gender Reveal Party actually shows how people ~ universally ~ have accepted that gender is connected to the “sex” of a baby.  Until very recently, that has been the normal assumption.  It’s amazing when you stop and think about it ~  “Gender” is NOT a new word, but the definition has been changed and it no longer means what it used to.

Until the last ten (10) years or so – the word “gender” has been synonymous with “sex”.  That’s easy to know and remember if you’re old enough.  On paperwork you had to fill out like at a doctor’s office, bank, or just about any institution, there was a box to mark your sex/gender – and quite often the box just asked for your gender (meaning your sex).  The words have always been interchangeable until just fairly recent times.  Gender has always been expressed in different ways.  The change in today’s society is that a lot of people view gender as having nothing to do with their physical sex . . . meaning you can be a different gender from your sex.

Just look back at when homosexuals ‘took’ the word “gay” and changed the meaning of it.  Trying to use gay with its original meaning can be quite awkward and difficult to do anymore.  And for that, we can thank homosexuals for ruining a perfectly good, light-hearted, and happy word, into something that’s totally “ungodly”.  Now, the transgender crowd has hijacked another word to make what they wanna do to themselves seem less “ungodly” than it actually is. . .

Then, of course, we have the new term of “gender identity” – where a person can decide whether their sex matches that gender identity.  And if it doesn’t match, now they can pursue changing their physical sex to match the gender they have decided they were supposed to be in the first place.  (At that point, they are saying that God made a mistake when he formed them in their mother’s womb ~ and God doesn’t make mistakes.)  Gender Dysphoria comes into play at that point, and the confused or unsettled person decides which way to jump, so to speak. . . whether they are gonna try and change who God made them to be or remain the gender/sex they were born with.  It is called GID or Gender Identity Disorder.  It is a psychological disorder or condition.  It is something that people need help with and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

One of the saddest things I’ve thought of or read about in a long time was written in this latest book – and it’s really just a snippet of a sentence.  “. . .the West is undergoing a profound transformation as the era of post-Christendom is ushered in.”  Thus we see that mankind is searching for authority to gain knowledge and have something they can trust, especially when it comes to making major decisions in life.

All of that leads directly to the best resource as far as knowing ourselves – it points to “me”. . .  The only thing that really matters in our world today.  As long as whatever I decide makes “ME” happy, that’s all I care about.  Never before have I seen such a selfish humanity.  Oh ~ but wait ~ this Mama is accused of that all the time now.  Simply because I believe God made my daughter correctly when He formed her in my womb.  So very sad to actually have to deal with a child that you know and love ~ trying to change themselves into someone they are not . . .

It is of utmost importance for human beings to have a source of authority, knowledge, and trust.  The crucial elements in knowing which way, and how to turn in our lives every day.  When we turn to our Creator ~ God Almighty ~ we find who can be trusted, we can know that He knows what He is talking about, and He ultimately has the right to tell us how we should live.  As human beings, we are created straight from God’s very own blueprint . . . We are made in God’s own image ~ and that alone, allows us to possess inherent dignity.  Our true value and/or worth does not come from ourselves. . .it is totally God-given.

To be clear ~ having the feeling that you are supposed to be the opposite sex, or Gender Identity Disorder, is not sinful in and of itself.  When it becomes sinful, is when we “act” on it.  In other words ~ when we decide to try and change God’s very own handiwork.  The same can be said of the homosexual.  It is when we act on that same-sex attraction, that is when sin is committed . . . Just as when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden.  It wasn’t sinful for them to look at the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  It was when they willfully and knowingly disobeyed God that mankind was plunged into sin.

A human being ~ created in God’s own image ~ can decide to try and achieve a transgender identity, or they can seek to find their identity in Christ . . . but it is impossible to do both.  Individuals sin in all kinds of ways because of their ignorance of God’s Word.  But it’s a whole different issue when we sin willfully and knowingly.  A new Christian has to discover/realize the areas of their life that need to change in order to be close to God.  They will change their behavior (with God’s help) after learning that God’s way is what they’re supposed to follow ~ not their own way.

My own personal opinion on the transgender craze that has begun sweeping our schools, churches, and homes is that it is completely contrary to the Word of God.  Using counseling and even medication to help those who battle with depression and anxiety that come from Gender Identity Disorder, would be a much better alternative for their problems rather than trying to physically change who they were made to be.

As the Mama of a transgender, I’ve heard countless times that changing “who” the child I raised isn’t gonna hurt anyone.  I can tell you from experience that it does ~ in fact ~ hurt a lot of people . . . parents, siblings, and all of those who are the closest to the transgender person.  To actually see your child reject their birth sex and their Christian home beliefs on marriage and all that goes along with it, is something that definitely hurts other people.  Something else I’ve learned is that the argument of “It doesn’t hurt anyone” ~ most usually ends up being simply “It doesn’t hurt anyone who agrees with me”.  And those ideas are not the same.

Something I have heard from my daughter lately is that she wishes we could “agree to disagree” and move on with our relationship . . . We have already agreed to disagree on the matter of her being a transgender ~ and she knows that I can never change “who” she is.  I seriously did try to do that for a while during the last nearly three years, but it was impossible.  She will always be the daughter that God ~ the Creator of all ~ formed in my womb, whether she or anyone else likes it or not.  As for continuing our relationship ~ I can’t say how she can expect that to work . . . When I refer to her as who I “know” her to be, you can hear that she is not pleased in the strange-sounding voice that doesn’t even sound like my daughter anymore.  To carry on “our” relationship she has to be the daughter she’s always been.

Whether she sees/understands it or not, the injections of testosterone over the last three years have made an extreme change in how “she” thinks, how “she” talks (voice and all), how “she” now lives her life, “her” goals, “her” emotions ~ everything about “her” has been changed.  There is a saying that I grew up hearing ~ you can’t have your cake, and eat it too.  It applies to this situation . . . My daughter can’t remain my daughter because she cannot live two identities . . . not with her immediate family.  If her extended family can change “who” she really is supposed to be ~ that’s up to them.  All that “she” and I have in common anymore are memories . . . and you can’t build a relationship that truly matters, on memories.

Over the course of this last year’s time, I have been called psychotic and toxic.  Family members have literally told me that I’m a terrible Mama.  My daughter’s “mate” has insinuated that I would literally pray for my daughter to have cancer or any other bad thing wrong with her ~ rather than her being a transgender.  “Her” friends have said that I am maliciously cruel because I “mis-gender” my own child on purpose.  Just ten days ago, I posted a picture memory of she and I on my Facebook page . . . and I found out that day, that “her” choice is to continue in the life “she” has chosen to live.

Ever since the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is ‘okay’, we have seen a rampant increase in “all” sexuality issues ~ “sins” ~ to be deemed just fine.  A woman who decides to marry a train station . . . a woman decides to marry herself . . . I never would have thought that I would live to see such a drastic decline in morals and decency.  Today’s society is a picture of what my Daddy preached about for so many years . . . “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” (Matthew 24:37).  Personally ~ I would rather not live to see just how depraved mankind is gonna become before Jesus takes the Christians out of this world . . . but that decision is ultimately up to God ~ not myself.



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